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The much anticipated release of our Dirt Modified shocks is here! We approached the dirt modified market with the same passion and intensity that has won us championships and races worldwide with sprint cars and midgets. The M-90 shock features a precision machined steel body with enlarged gas chamber for minimal gas pressure gain throughout the range of travel. Every M-90 is built with a tuned basevavle assembly, allowing us to run lower gas pressures an increase grip in the slickest of track conditions. We have several billet aluminum piston designs to meet every driver and chassis combination’s needs. The M-90 can be run with or without a Schrader Valve, and is available in 7 and 9” strokes. As always each shock we build is backed by our industry leading customer support.

BODY Machined Steel
Machined Steel, Hardened, Ground and CSI “Gold” Coated
CSI Quad Port / CSI Enhanced Flow
Steel with Premium Spherical Bearing