Non-Basevalve Monotube Non-Adjustable

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The cost effective alternative for our dirt modified program is here. Our passion and attention to detail is displayed again in the all new RS-M80 shock. The M-80 was designed to conform to the rules in spec, sport and B Mod divisions. The shock features a precision machined steel body available with our without a Schrader valve. Each M-80 is built one at a time to the specific needs of its intended user. The same billet piston options available for our M-90 shock are also available in the M-80. The M80 is available in 7 and 9” strokes. As always each shock we build is backed by our industry leading customer support.

BODY Machined Steel
Machined Steel, Hardened, Ground and CSI “Gold” Coated
CSI Quad Port / CSI Enhanced Flow
Steel with Premium Spherical Bearing