Pavement - Lv.1

Pavement - Lv.1

from 3,119.96

x4 RS-X2 Double Adjustable Shocks
x4 Optional Deluxe Coil Kits (+$299.96)
Optional RR - RS-17 Monotube (Gas) (+$100.00)

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Coil Option:
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The RS-X2 provides the ultimate in tuneability. Easily adjust compression and rebound setting independently to perfectly dial in your set up.  Our basevalve design allows for you to run minimum gas pressure to maximize grip.

kit includes 4 RS-X2 double adjustable mono tube shocks hand built for your application and our tuning guide.


  • Armor Covers

  • Inflation Tool

  • Cock Pit Adjuster

  • Coil Kits

  • Progressive Bump Kit