Non Basevalve Monotube Non Adjustable

The cost effective alternative for our dirt modified program is here.  Our passion and attention to detail is displayed again in the all new RS-M80 shock.  The M-80 was designed to conform to the rules in spec, sport and B Mod divisions.  The shock features a precision machined steel body available with our without a Schrader valve.  Each M-80 is built one at a time to the specific needs of its intended user.  The same billet piston options available for our M-90 shock are also available in the M-80.  The M80 is available in 7 and 9” strokes.  As always each shock we build is backed by our industry leading customer support.


Body: Machined Steel

Shaft: Machined Steel, Hardened, Ground and CSI "Gold" Coated

Piston: CSI Quad Port / CSI Enhanced Flow

Eyelet: Steel with Premium Spherical Bearing