Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you really Dyno every shock? YES! A shock doesn’t go out our door that hasn’t been dyno tested. There are too many variables when building a shock to guarantee it will be within our tight tolerances without a check on the dyno. It is not un-common for us to take a shock back apart several times until it meets our expectations.

If I buy a set of shocks and damage them how quickly can it be repaired? Usually during the season we can turn any repair around in 1-3 days. We keep a large inventory of parts on hand, and will always do our best to assure you back on the track for you next race.

What is the “Gold “shaft all about? We spent a lot of time and resources researching coating that would work well with our seal package. We worked with industry leaders in off road and moto -cross trying to find the coating that worked best with our combination. The final coating we chose substantially reduced seal drag and increased efficiency. It’s not a gimmick, look at the color of the fork tubes on any factory super cross bike you will see a resemblance.

Where do I get a nitrogen tank to fill my shocks? Any welding supply can set you up with a small nitrogen tank and regulator. The smallest tank should last you a full season. The only other tool you will need is a CSI Shock Inflation tool.

How often should I check the gas in my shocks? We recommend that it is a part of your weekly maintenance. It is unlikely that a large amount of gas will leak out but since we are working with such a small volume we like to check it.

I don’t have a shock dyno, how do I know where my adjustable shock is? We give a conversion sheet specific to each shock after we dyno it. It will explain in detail what the valving is in relation to the shock adjuster.

I don’t know what valving shock to order? No problem, give us a call. We will ask a you a series of simple questions. Based on the information we get we will recommend the valving that will best suit your needs.

Does a custom valve shock cost more? No. We build each shock to order, based on each customer’s specific needs. We don’t charge anything extra to build custom valvings. Most shocks we build are custom.

I have an idea I want to try but don’t want anyone to know about it? Not a problem any custom valving you want built will remain private information between you and CSI.