the beginning

Competition Suspension was founded in 2009. We saw a big gap in the industry. The level of technology in Indy Car and Nascar was far advanced from what short track teams were receiving. We set out to build reasonably priced quality shocks, utilizing the same technologies we were use to working with in the upper levels of motorsports. We built our first set of CSI Shocks for Nic Faas in April of 2009, he won his first race out. Since that time our philosophy has never changed. Build the best shocks in the industry; we don’t cut corners on anything. Since our inception CSI has become the shock of choice for many of todays top professionals. We have won over 5,000 races and many, track, regional and National Championships around the world.

the present

We are located just west of Indianapolis in Brownsburg, Indiana. CSI is housed in 4,500 square foot facility surrounded by professional race team. We’ve added a few key employees and some new technologies to help with the growing demand for our products. Some great new products are in development for the 2019 season. We remain 100% focused on the quality of our products and the success of our customer’s race programs. This company was founded on a few simple principals; to build highest quality suspension components, and back that up with industry leading customer service and support. Throughout our tremendous growth over the past seven years we haven’t lost sight of those principals.

The future

The passion is what drives each one of us at CSI. Perfection is something we strive for each and every day. We’re constantly pushing the envelope as we dig deeper into new technologies to improve the overall performance of our shocks and components. We’re traveling to more races throughout the country than ever before. We continue to stay on top of the ever changing trends, and assist our customers. In 2019 were committed to the ongoing development of our product line in our core markets, and bringing our customers the most value for their hard earned dollars.